For more than a decade I am working as a photographer and a designer in the creative sector. Photography was always more than just a tool for me. Photography helps me see, observe and feel my surroundings.

My photographic journey started in Tel Aviv 2000 in Camera Obsucra  where I refined my documentary skills. After three years of learning how to approach a subject, how to capture it, and communicate it further, I was looking for ways to feed my hunger to know more about the essence of photography. I wanted to understand better how to read the light, and this will send me in 2004 across the Mediterranean to the Netherlands.



I have graduated from the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (The royal Academy) in the Hague in 2007.

Since then I have had my work exhibit in different spaces and places, and I have worked for different national and international clients.

Our world has changed since I have graduated, and continues to evolve, influencing the photography field as I knew it. With this saying, I had to be creative and evolve myself to stay in the race. I have sharpened my online skills, my design tools and along side to my photography started developing my design world. I have managed to find in my design work the same elements that drew me to photography, my love for details, my ability to express my ideas and to communicate my thoughts and desires to others.

Clients, IHeart Studios, Douglas/Faboulas,Elegance magazine, PS magazine, De Bijenkorf, Tommy Hilfiger, Glamcult Magazine, Dutch EllE, BLEND,, deSentor magazine, Zorgverzekeraars Nederland Jaarbericht, VPRO annual book, 2007 annual Verbond van Verzekeraars, Diva magazine, Kate Hume design, Peter greenaway, Siba Sahabi

Solo/Group exhibitions

*2012 Kasteel Keukenhof: Flower Castel, group exhibition *2011 Salon/2 in het Geelvink, Amsterdam *2011 HTNK, one-day shop, Amsterdam *2010 WALLS gallery, group exhibition, Amsterdam *2010 Ongekend, young masterds@auction, Rotteram *2010 ArtUnit#2, solo exhibition, Haarlem *2009 '3' gallery de leeuw, The Hague *2008 'Lichting 2007', Stichting Museum Kunst Paviljoen *2007 LAKgallery, Leiden *2007 'Oogst 2007', bart kunst in huis, Nijmegen *2007 Royal academy, The Hague - Graduation exhibition *2007 'Verbond van verzekeraars foto prize' Fotomuseum, The Hague *2007 De Bijenkorf, The Hague *2006 Gallery king kong, The Hague *2005 Istanbul museum of painting and sculpture, Istanbul, Turkey *2004 Camera obscura gallery, Tel Aviv